Rumor has it the Soulwax brothers asked to rewrite the script for Belgica when they first heard Charlotte’s voice, who was originally casted to simply lip-sync in the delusional movie about an infamous night club in Ghent for which Soulwax curated & produced the OST. The slow burning The Best Thing proved to be a standout track on the soundtrack - never really exploding, the neo-soul tune has a Drive-feeling that'll make you feel as though you're riding a dark Sedan to a secret club on the outskirts of Brussels.

Soulwax invited Charlotte over for more sessions in their prestigious DEEWEE studio, beat-backed by Bolis Pupul, who previously released two EP’s on the DEEWEE label. The two had a go at wonderfully imaginative, left-of-centre, heavily electronic backing tracks that variously doff a cap to early electro, Italo-disco, minimal wave, and - most surprisingly of all - pastoral folk, going at it with their gut, which resulted in a 4-track EP that explores that outskirts of modern music.

With her latest EP Zandoli (due Feb 8 2019), Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry proves herself to be a consummate storyteller. Sometimes patently silly, sometimes deeply introspective, Adigéry’s ever-wandering mind spins tales that are absurd and poignant and ridiculously fun. Having been taught the ropes by her Martinique-born mother –namely rhythm’s relationship to musicality and the importance of a sense of humour– Adigéry is a persuasive young artist who can sing about lizards one moment and latex the next.