Rumor has it the Soulwax brothers asked to rewrite the script for Belgica when they first heard Charlotte’s voice, who was originally casted to simply lip-sync in the delusional movie about an infamous night club in Ghent for which Soulwax curated & produced the OST. The slow burning The Best Thing proved to be a standout track on the soundtrack - never really exploding, the neo-soul tune has a Drive-feeling that'll make you feel as though you're riding a dark Sedan to a secret club on the outskirts of Brussels.

Soulwax invited Charlotte over for more sessions in their prestigious DEEWEE studio, beat-backed by Bolis Pupul, who previously released two EP’s on the DEEWEE label. The two had a go at wonderfully imaginative, left-of-centre, heavily electronic backing tracks that variously doff a cap to early electro, Italo-disco, minimal wave, and - most surprisingly of all - pastoral folk, going at it with their gut, which resulted in a 4-track EP that explores that outskirts of modern music.

With her latest EP Zandoli (due Feb 8 2019), Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry proves herself to be a consummate storyteller. Sometimes patently silly, sometimes deeply introspective, Adigéry’s ever-wandering mind spins tales that are absurd and poignant and ridiculously fun. Having been taught the ropes by her Martinique-born mother –namely rhythm’s relationship to musicality and the importance of a sense of humour– Adigéry is a persuasive young artist who can sing about lizards one moment and latex the next.

Charlotte Adigéry has been featured in Dazed & Confused, The Guardian (Ones To Watch), The Quietus, NME, Vogue and more. She played shows all over Europe following the release of her sophomore EP (tour poster below) and will soon announce dates for a fall tour.