Yusuf finds himself in a haze where intimate vocals, minimal arrangement and vivid electronics blend. Struck by a psychosis amidst of his Philosophy studies, he unwillingly disconnected from the real world and found peace in listening to and recording music. “I felt completely numb. The one thing that was able to get through to me was music: Chopin, Nils Frahm, Mahler. In that moment, writing music felt like the one thing that felt like something of me, something I felt confident in." Operating from his homestudio in Belgium, he’s created an eclectic sound bolstering with dark electronica, echoing guitars and a regal falsetto. Reminiscent of emo-beatmakers such as RY X and James Blake but with a touch of bass that recalls the deepest moments of Blawan and Oneohtrix Point Never, Yusuf creates a melancholic grandeur that creeps under your skin in different ways. Following last year’s debut single ‘Sins’ he now returns with ‘Balm’, a collection of songs that showcase his talents as a singer, songwriter and producer.